John Rosley the Literary Lunatic

John Rosley now has four works published on Amazon with the publication in November 2021 of ‘A Calabrian Folly,’ the sequel to his first novel ‘The Watson Conundrum’. Both are now available on Amazon. The link ;

Also available at The Book Warehouse, Coffs Harbour.

‘Tales of Murder Mayhem and Mischief’ is an eclectic collection of thirty four short stories. Some are short enough to read over coffee. Others are longer and more involved. All are full of wit and dark humour, some biting satire reminiscent of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’.

John’s first novel ‘The Watson Conundrum’ now available is a fast paced crime thriller that draws on John’s previous life as a lawyer in the UK. The plot weaves a complex puzzle to be solved by the joint efforts of some very clever lawyers who keep getting the answer wrong and a pair of hard working honest coppers who stumble on the solution with a little help from a very unlikely friend.

The story has everything; Stuffy English barristers’ chambers with characters from the last century. Scenes in the beautiful Mafia controlled hills of Calabria. Mercenary gangsters and crooked lawyers. Honest coppers with a conscience, the beautiful generous Mandy and lots more.

‘The Watson Conundrum’ and ‘A Calabrian Folly’ are very visual page turners bound to find their way to the small screen.

In the sequel to ‘The Watson Conundrum’. The plot moves from London to Mafia country of Southern Italy where some of the characters you have already met find themselves on a dangerous mission in unfamiliar territory. If you haven’t yet read Watson, now is the time to do so.

‘A Touch of Sulphur’ is a short novel or novella written from an unusual viewpoint. The narrator is an anti-hero, a devil incarnated to carry out a mission. Things don’t go quite to plan and the devil must face the consequences. As devils go this one does some ‘good’ work, some he is proud of and is happy to share with the reader. Go to the Blog via the Menu button above for further details.

John came to Australia from Poland at age six and grew up in western Sydney. John trained at Sydney University and qualified as a solicitor in NSW before marrying an English girl and relocating to Nottingham where he practised law until retiring and returning to Australia in 2012. John is now resident on an acreage near Coffs Harbour with his wife Sue and Labradoodle, Mutty.

John has three adult children and a grand daughter and is very grateful for WhatsApp.

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